Below you can see our frequently asked questions. After reviewing, if you have a question that is still unanswered then please feel free to give us a call on +44 (0)20 7193 8188 or send us an email at hello@virtualinternships.com.

Program Costs
Why is there a fee for this service?

It takes time and effort to find the right company for a particular person – we not only conduct this matching process, but we also provide ongoing training and mentoring to make you more employable. By signing up to the program, you have a team of experts working for you to help you get the most out of an internship. Our coaching calls are delivered by a team of Oxbridge-educated career experts. We do have some university partners where the cost of the program is borne by the university, and we look forward to establishing such relationships with more universities and governments as this program gets more recognition.

The Admission Process
What is the advising session or interview process like?

Don’t panic, we are not trying to make it hard! We will be asking you about your previous academic experience, and any previous work or internship experience if you have any. We will also focus a lot on what skills you want to build, and what an ideal career would look like for you. The call is mostly about finding out whether we can find a suitable placement by knowing a bit more about the skills you are trying to gain.

How soon will I hear if I’m successful?

You will normally hear within 48 hours from the advising session. Keep a look out for emails, and sometimes they go into spam. We will attempt to call or text you if we think our offer email may not have reached you.

Matching You with a Host Company
What kind of companies do we work with?

We work with a whole range of companies. Many are exciting small and medium-sized enterprises, some are entrepreneurial startups and others are big, well-known companies. You can ask for example companies in your desired industry during or after your interview.

What if I don’t like the company you’ve matched me with?

If you have a good reason you can ask us to re-match you to a different host company. Generally we’re pretty good at finding the best available company to suit you, but if you think we’ve got it wrong, you can tell us and we’ll find an alternative.

How soon can I start an internship?

It will normally take us 4-6 weeks to onboard a host company and to prepare you for the internship. If your requirements are very specific it may take longer, and we will advise you of that. We encourage applications as early as possible.

How long does the placement last?

If you are on our Core or Premium program, your placement will last up to 300 hours. When you apply, you can choose to work 10, 15, 20 or 30 hours per week, which would mean the program would last for 25, 20, 15 or 10 weeks respectively.

The Intership Program
How will I communicate with my host company?

This is up to the host company. Generally it will be through a combination of email, Skype/Slack or other messaging software, shared online docs and shared productivity tools like Trello.

What is the coaching provided?

As part of your internship, you will follow our online employability curriculum, which also includes 4 – 6 coaching calls during your internship. These follow a set structure, but you can also use them to discuss your CV, interview technique and ways to get more out of your internship outside the set structure.

Can I start off interning part-time and then intern full-time later on?

Most of our host companies are open to your schedule and will be willing to make changes. This is obviously made easier if you build a great relationship with your supervisor, are responsive and respectful of their projects. If you know in advance that your timetable will change mid-way through your program, let us know and we’ll find a host company that will be fine with it!

Even though the internship is remote am I able to go into the office if the host company is close to me?

There is nothing to stop this happening – it would be at the discretion of the host company.

The Intership Outcomes
Will this lead to permanent employment?

At present about 25% of our candidates are offered positions after their virtual internship has ended. There is no guarantee of this happening, and it could relate to your performance during the internship or the resourcing needs of the company. We encourage that you should see the program as a boost to your employability, rather than a guarantee that this particular company will take you on.

Does it look worse on my CV in comparison to a physical internship?

We firmly believe that remote working is here to stay and will increase in popularity in the future. We would advise you to highlight on your CV the additional skills gained by doing a remote internship – being able to work across time-zones and on different communication platforms, for example.

What are the stats for people getting full-time jobs in their industries after completing the program?

At present 100% of people finishing the program feel they are more employable than before they did the program. We also have plenty of anecdotes of individuals who have aced an interview by using great examples of their skills proven during their virtual internship. Please ask us if you’d like to hear some!


Does the program mean I’m eligible for a visa?

Unfortunately no. Because the internship is remote, however, you can do it from anywhere – so you can complete the program from a location where you have eligibility to work.

If your virtual internship led to the company offering you a position, you can ask them to consider sponsoring your work visa at that point, however this is not guaranteed.

Academic Credit
Can I get academic credit?

You will need to check with your university. You are welcome to refer them to us, or show them our program to see if you are eligible.