Passionate about employability and the future of the workforce, we’re committed to delivering meaningful, transformational work experiences to students and recent graduates, improving their skills and employability in an increasingly digital world.

Our sister company, CRCC Asia, has a 12 year track record providing award-winning international internships to over 7,000 candidates across thousands of companies all over the world.

Edward Holroyd Pearce – Co Founder & President

Asia enthusiast, entrepreneur passionate about training and employability

Dan Nivern – Co Founder & CEO

British transplant in USA, 5 yrs in China, Oxford linguist. Passion for education and employability

Mike True – Advisor

Internships Guru “The Godfather of Internships”

Will Bodansky – COO

LatAm expert, AI and consultancy experience, Bristol economist

Rachael Criso – Director of University Partnerships

30 years sector experience at University of Michigan

Pam Sohal – Business Development Manager

Law graduate, ex New Yorker, passionate about helping interns and businesses

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“I was a third-year student in Australia without any substantial work experience until I found out about Virtual Internships. The VI team were great and helped find a good company in my area – Law. I was matched to a small US law firm in California. Pretty amazing! I was able to gain work experience in a different country, valuable insights into the industry I was studying, and I formed crucial global connections. The coaching provided by VI helped me to approach work at a professional, interpersonal and proficient communicative level. After my internship was finished, I was much more confident with my own professional abilities and my knowledge of the industry. I highly recommend Virtual Internships to any student who needs that kick to begin their career. “


Brisbane University student